3 January 2017

Chatham Area Transit pushes for funding sources in the new year

Massive sand-filled garbage trucks will line Times Square to protect New Year’s Eve revelers

Comprehensive Election Results

Doraville set to vote on new 320,000 s.f. home improvement showroom

Atlanta, GA Mayor: Over the holidays, both ex-Gov. Roy Barnes and Rep. David Scott announced that they were holding a fundraiser for state Sen. Vincent Fort, a fellow Democrat and one of the many candidates running for mayor of Atlanta this fall. Fort is a vocal opponent of GOP Gov. Nathan Deal and was a prominent supporter of Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid while Scott is one of the most conservative Democrats in the House, so it may seem odd to see them on the same side; Barnes also isn’t particularly liberal. However, Barnes and Fort served together in the state legislature, while Scott also served with Fort. where Scott’s brother also served. Perhaps more importantly, none of the three men are friendly with the state Democratic establishment.

FL-Gov, FL-13: Democratic Rep. Charlie Crist, who was just sworn into Congress on Tuesday, told the National Journal‘s Zach Cohen the very same day that he won’t run for governor next year and is in fact “already working on” his own re-election. A return to the governor’s mansion wasn’t even a possibility we’d seriously considered for Crist, but earlier on Tuesday, the disreputable right-wing site Sunshine State Newsreported that a “‘deep throat’ contact” of theirs said Crist had been putting out feelers about a gubernatorial bid. Better get that checked out by an ENT.



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