17 January 2017

New Atlanta Falcons Stadium rendering

$UN$HINE – “FPL connects three solar plants, plans four more as state analysts mull tax exemption,” by POLITICO Florida’s Bruce Ritchie: “Florida Power & Light Co. on Friday touted three new solar power plants and said it expects to build four more in the coming year.

SC-05: In what it says is an independent poll, GOP pollster Remington Research offers an early look at a hypothetical Republican primary in South Carolina’s conservative 5th District, which would become vacant once the Senate confirms Rep. Mick Mulvaney as Trump’s budget director, as it’s likely to do. Here’s how the race breaks down:
Tommy Pope: 25 (state House speaker pro tempore)

Chad Connelly: 9 (former state GOP chair)

Ralph Norman: 9 (state representative)

Gary Simrill: 6 (state representative)

Undecided: 52

These results more or less correspond with how well-known each candidate is, though as you can see by that giant pile of undecideds, all of these politicians are still pretty obscure. (Pope, the leader, is still unknown to 56 percent of respondents.) None of these candidates are actually running yet, though it’s a bit odd that Remington included Simrill, who announced a couple of days before they went into the field that he wouldn’t run. A few Democrats have said they’re considering, but seeing as this district went 57-39 for Trump, there isn’t much reason for hope.


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